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United States Supreme Court Fast Facts


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Here, we list some Fast Facts About the United States Supreme Court. The Court chooses the cases it will hear by Oral Argument each term and this is usually consists of less than 100 cases. The United States Supreme Court begins each term on the first Monday in October and lasts until the first Monday in October of the next year.

All United States Supreme Court Justices are nominated by sitting United States Presidents and must be confirmed by members of the Senate.  Each member of the Court is appointed for life or until they choose to retire.

The current roster of Supreme Court Justices consists of the following Justices and the Presidents who appointed each of them.

John Roberts, Jr. – Chief Justice – Appointed by George W. Bush;

Anthony Kennedy – Associate Justice – Appointed by Ronald Reagan (Retiring 7-31-2018);

Brett Kavanaugh is nominated replace Justice Kennedy by President Donald J. Trump;

Clarence Thomas – Associate Justice – Appointed by George H.W. Bush;

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Associate Justice – Appointed by Bill Clinton;

Stephen Breyer – Associate Justice – Appointed by Bill Clinton;

Samuel Alito – Associate Justice – Appointed by George W. Bush;

Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice – Appointed by Barack Obama;

Elena Kagan, Associate Justice – Appointed by Barack Obama;

Neil M. Gorsuch, Associate Justice – Appointed by Donald Trump.

The youngest member of the United States Supreme Court is Associate Justice, Neil Gorsuch – 50 years old. The oldest member of the United States Supreme Court is Associate Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg at 85 years of age.  The longest sitting member of the United States Supreme Court is Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, who served for 30 years.  Justice Kennedy was appointed in 1988.  He is the only current sitting justice who was unanimously confirmed by the Senate (97-0).  He is retiring on July 31, 2018.


There are 9 members who vote on matters at issue.  Each term, approximately 7000 – 8000 cases are filed with the “highest court in the land.” The Supreme Court is open to the public Monday through Friday and is located in Washington, D.C., on Capital Hill.

For more facts and information about our US Supreme Court, including their latest decisions, visit their website.

Some important decisions must be decided in Court.  If you need a Fresno Law Firm to assist you with you legal issues, consider our firm.

Be Safe & Watch Out for Drunk Drivers this 4th of July

Safe 4th of July - Fresno, Driving While Drunk Can Hurt, Tryk Law, P.C., Fresno Injury Lawyers Blog

It is fun to celebrate the 4th of July with food, beverages and perhaps fireworks (if they are legal in your area).  It is also a time when “one too many” drinks can and will change your life.  If you are participating in festivities this 4th of July and have been drinking, remember how easy it is to call an UBER or LYFT to take you home.  If you are on the road, be extra aware and cautious of

your surroundings.

The 4th of July is a big day for DUI arrests across the country and in Fresno County.  It is also a day where accident injuries elevate significantly due to alcohol and driving under the influence.  If you are traveling in or around Fresno this 4th of July, be safe and don’t risk a DUI by drinking and driving.

Fresno PD, Fresno County Sheriffs and California Highway Patrol will be out in full force, so do not risk it.

Be Careful This 4th of July!

Fresno Fireworks injury lawyers

Be especially safe when lighting fireworks this 4th of July if it is legal where you live. Always keep a bucket of water nearby or a water source.

If you do get injured while lighting fireworks, you may not have a legal remedy. Personal responsibility is important to keep in mind. We turn these cases away regularly after the 4th of July each year. If you are hurt or injured, you don’t always have a case. If you assume the risks of engaging in a dangerous activity, you are often without a remedy.

Every year, many people are burned or severely injured while lighting fireworks. If you are injured as a result of another’s unsafe conduct, we will always consider your case. If you cause your own injury, not so much.

Most important to remember – Be Safe & Enjoy Yourself this 4th. It is such an important holiday for this amazing country.  Eat lots of food, have fun with some beverages, but do not light yourself, your property of that of your neighbors on fire.

Good Results Don’t Always = Good $$$$

Fresno Personal Injury Case Value, Ask Tryk Law, 559-840-3240, Fresno Injury Lawyers

Reflecting on the past few weeks, I can say that I have accomplished some exceptional results for several clients. However, such results don’t always translate to a ton of money for this Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer. This makes no sense, right? All lawyers, especially personal injury lawyers are all about the “dollar”.

In the past week or two, my colleague and I took a case to trial – such a tough one – with no offer. It was John Miser’s first jury trial and he did a great job, despite that. We did not think we had much of a chance to win or even make it close. We argued the case and the jury returned a verdict finding that defendant was negligent by a vote of 10-2.

However, the jury then found that Defendant’s negligence was not a “substantial factor in causing our client’s injury. We will explore post-trial options for this client. Our client is the pastor of a church and an amazing man who was worth fighting for.

Recently, we have also had a string of resolutions on tough premises liability cases, where we fought hard for clients simply because we knew they were good people and likely on the right side of the law. It is a great feeling to get a good result for a client who only wanted to be treated fairly and we end up exceeding their expectations.

Running a small law firm is very difficult as is fighting large corporations and insurance companies. Life is a fight, and each fight makes you tougher, better and more experienced for the next one. We will continue to fight the fight on behalf of our clients, old and new. If you want lawyers that will fight for your, call us today (559) 840-3240.  We can also be reached free or charge and toll free at (844)  FRESNO1.